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Assessment projects are closely linked with the client reality in the macroeconomic sectorial environment and the implications in the strategic planning. Through specific tools and a customized work process to each situation, Assessment provides a clear vision of the needs, potentialities, gaps, and misalignments of the analyzed structure. This information is fundamental to assertive actions of human development. 


Organizations are increasingly concerned with retaining key executives in their succession plans, as well as ensuring that the profile and skills are aligned with the current and future challenges of the business. When it comes to assessment projects, Talenses promotes, through different and defined methodologies along with its clients, an in-depth analysis of the selected executives, and provides a set of analysis that result in the mapping of the behavioral and technical skills of the individual in his/her organizational context.


Assessment aims at improving business results through people, at evaluating leaders of organizations, in their strength and long-term needs, and at assisting organizations in creating the best management strategies and development to their talents.