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Market Mapping

Facing an emerging, diverse, competitive and unstable macroeconomic scenario, organizations are increasingly concerned with broadening their view of the market reality, predicting strategic moves related to the structure of its business areas and rethinking the so called succession plans. They also seek to identify and anticipate potential gaps in certain hierarchical levels and specific areas.


Talenses executes an extensive market research in order to offer its clients strategic information in organizational structures of different sectors and segments when carrying Mapping projects. Through a customized and very specific work, Talenses provides detailed information about mapped professionals, which may subsequently be interviewed by the client.


The work of mapping the market focuses middle and senior management levels of organizations and the highest senior executive levels, such as Director, Vice President, General Manager and President. By identifying current and future potential gaps, mapping can assist companies in any redefinition of organizational structures, as well as to define mid and long term hiring. 


The following step in market mapping can be the transition to a full search and selection process. If the decision is to proceed to this phase, Talenses must offer the client a list with the most consistent prospects for the position and the supporting materials for the selection process.