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Salary Benchmark

In the corporate world, especially in Brazil and Latin America, few subjects have been discussed more than the wage escalation and its consequences. Companies in virtually all economic sectors constantly deal with the challenges posed by a latent imbalance between supply and demand of labor, especially skilled labor. As a result, the subject "compensation strategy" has become not only an important topic in the HR management agenda but a key competitive differentiator among organizations. 


Companies that can effectively balance the binomial "wage attractiveness - supply capacity" and develop specific actions for areas or strategic projects, are or remain ahead in the race for talents, while absorbing and retaining the best executives in the market. There is more to this than just perceptions or impressions. Numerous researches have proved the importance that the "remuneration" topic has earned in the last decades, especially in emerging countries. And the trend is that this challenge shall continue for a long time.


In order to assist clients in the assessment and possible adjustments to their compensation strategies, Talenses performs a wide and thorough research on the various compensation practices in the various segments and executive levels that the client has to evaluate. Through Salary Comparison or Salary Benchmarking projects, companies can get a detailed and secure view of the market reality and make assertive and balanced decisions.