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Contribute to the success of professionals and organizations, connecting values and purposes, impacting society and influencing the evolution of the labor market.

Our history began more than 5 years ago, when recognized executives in the recruitment and selection market decided to do business in Brazil. From the beginning we counted on consolidated expertise associated with our passion for connecting people with the labor market.

We are specialized in recruiting middle and senior management executives in the following areas: Engineering & Supply Chain; Finance; Legal; Marketing; Financial Market; Human Resources; Technology & Digital; and Sales. Headquartered in São Paulo and with an office in Rio de Janeiro, we are able to meet demands throughout Brazil, and today, with increasingly global markets, we also operate in Latin America.

In an extremely dynamic world, our solutions contribute to the labor market evolution. Our motors are people, a priority that we do not give up. We are driven by integrity, commitment, meritocracy, excellence, and enthusiasm. Values that harmonically set up the bases of Talenses. A company that offers quality services and believes in and maintains an ethical and honest corporate environment in the smallest details.



Transparency and accuracy above all. Respect to human being and the diversity o races, skin colors, genders, generations, beliefs and opinions. Dignity as a greater good.


Wide, permanent, daily commitment to our customers, applicants, employees and business partners. The certainty that together we are better;


We are a meritocratic company. We value dedication, commitment, good behavior, and achieved outcomes.


Exceed expectations, not only meet them. Pragmatism and passion for everything we do, always seeking continuous improvement, innovation and sustainability;


We value light heart and good mood. We appreciate vitality, enthusiasm and positivism. We seek a better workplace every day.

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Social Responsability

Promoting gender equity and diversity in the workplace are values that Talenses believes in and promotes. Even before the birth of the company, in 2013, we contributed to the creation of the Alliance for Women’s Empowerment.
The group, which brings together representatives of diverse organizations and academic supporters, develops and disseminates corporate practices for gender equity within companies.
Talenses is also a signatory to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, more specifically of the 7th Principle, which values transparency, measurement, and provision of information on the subject.
The desire to dialogue more and more on the matter gave rise to the study Women’s Panorama: the presence of Women in Business Leadership, carried out in partnership with Insper.
These initiatives are resultant of an increasingly comprehensive vision on a fundamental theme for Brazil and the world, and confirm the certainty that only with more diverse organizations can we achieve a more just and egalitarian society.



In 2011, it was created the Alliance for Women’s Empowerment, whose objective is to develop and disseminate transformative corporate practices that contribute to overcoming existing barriers to the full representation of women in business.
Counting with the participation of 12 companies from different segments, the Alliance is currently supported by UN Women, by Professor Regina Madalozzo, coordinator of the Insper’s Nucleus of Gender Studies, by Professor Maria José Tonelli, from the FGV’s School of Business Administration of São Paulo, and by Professor Anderson Sant'anna, from Dom Cabral Foundation.
Alliance's member companies:




In partnership with Insper, Talenses has conducted the survey Women’s Panorama 2017 - The presence of Women in Business Leadership, with the objective of collecting and disseminating data regarding the inclusion of women in business leadership in Brazil, in line with The Women's Empowerment Principles of UN Women.
The study is part of a project that will be repeated annually with the intention of contributing to this fundamental discussion and documenting the evolution of the presence of women in command positions within companies.
To see the full content of the 2017’s survey edition, access the link below:




Talenses understands the need and seeks to find ways to share expertise, time, and resources with initiatives that promote equal conditions in the workplace, which is a way to enrich the corporate environment and enhance business results, promoting the complementarity of visions, styles, and skills of professionals of different profiles.
In 2018, Talenses entered into a partnership with the PROA Institute, whose mission is to help young people with fewer opportunities to gain their first job and become their own owners.

Talenses consultants host PROA’s present and former students and simulate job interviews with structured feedback to prepare them for actual selection processes.
During the interviews, technical and behavioral skills are mapped, which will be used later by PROA in an analysis of profile versus open opportunities (those which may make sense for the first job of these young professionals).

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