Specialized Recruitment

Our extensive relationship in the market allows us to precisely connect leaders to organizational challenges, and our specialized model enables us to conduct these processes through differentiated and consultative service.

At Talenses consultants are segmented by functional area, having the market knowledge necessary to combine the technical and behavioral skills that your company seeks in leadership. This means that our clients' demand will be accurately analyzed and assigned to a certain professional who exclusively executes projects in that area or sector, ensuring a consultative and personalized perception. In addition to proven experience in recruitment, with deep understanding and commitment to the agility and quality of processes.

Flexible and adaptable to meet different projects and needs, we deliver differentiated solutions. Our work methodology follows a complete and impeccable flowchart, ensuring linearity in the process, from its meticulous alignment to the steps that follow it along our journey, elucidating the leadership that leads to new cycles.

Human capital strategy

Transforms daily with new technologies, new market strategies, new organizational structures, new value chains, and so on. Accompanying the changes that dictate the future and being prepared for them is necessary and urgent.

We carry out a dense market survey, fully customized on demand, offering an in-depth and strategic study of organizational structures, as well as an assessment of processes and trends in different sectors and segments.

Mapping of organizational structures

Talenses takes a dive to understand the structural pains of its clients through extensive market research. Thus, we are able to offer effective and accurate solutions. We carry out in-depth studies on the executive structures of certain key organizations, as well as the professionals to be mapped and presented by the assumptions defined for the project. The methodology, which can be based on the number of organizations to be mapped, the depth of information about the structures and the executives who are selected, will be defined in absolute alignment with the client's wishes.

Our vast experience in human resources consulting, added to our management team with more than 20 years of experience per executive, guarantees a rich market background and intelligence in the process.


In order to support strategies that focus on human capital management, we bring specialized assessment projects. Getting to know your own company's employees is fundamental to boosting results, predicting and overcoming inefficiencies, and enabling acceptance when necessary. Essential conjunctions for the process of organizational development and growth.

Through specific tools and a customized work process for each situation, the Assessment provides a clear view of the needs, potentials, gaps and misalignments of the respective analyzed structure. We provide fundamental information for assertive human development actions in your organization.