Business Area

Our work model focused on specialties allows us an assertive process with high technical density. Thus, contributing to a thorough look at all the profiles and skills of candidates in the market. Our purpose is to connect highly qualified professionals who are fully committed to the proposed work to our clients.

We live in an infinite cycle: boosting people and businesses. Talenses enables and contributes to changes that generate value and drive the organizations' social, governmental and environmental ecosystem.

In these nearly 10 years in the market, Talenses has spared no efforts to improve the training of a renowned management team and have even more credibility in its business models and relationships.

The concern for better processes, differentiated services and long-lasting cycles is in our DNA. All this with technical density, process intelligence and high performance.

We vehemently value ethics and live each of our values on a daily basis: integrity, commitment, excellence and enthusiasm. We went further and revolutionized what we know as “recruitment and selection”, we went deeper into labor market trends and understood the objectives and purpose of professionals.

We make new beginnings possible. Leadership drives the future. And together we make history.